The Governance Committee and the LDEI CO Board have been meeting for the past several months to discuss how to update the Chapter’s bylaws to reflect the needs of the organization today. Instead of offering piecemeal changes to the Chapter, it was determined that the most efficient way to approach the task would be a single overhaul of the bylaws that will be designed to meet our needs for the foreseeable future.

You will find the current bylaws on the website here.

You will find the proposed new bylaws here.

The changes in the proposed bylaws accomplish the following things:

1. Streamline the bylaws, removing antiquated wording from the very first year of LDEI CO
2. Provide for consistency in wording and terminology throughout the document, including explicit definitions for voting procedures, quorums, and minimum votes required
3. Provide for concrete descriptions of roles and responsibilities for each board member (similar to other LDEI chapters of our size)
4. Address terms and term limits for each role on the board and for the overall board service (consistent with other LDEI chapters)
5. Extend the term for the board to 2 years instead of 1 to allow a new board more time to accomplish goals (other LDEI chapters terms range from 1 to several years, with many chapters opting for a 2 year term)
6. Better define exactly what is expected in terms of participation from an active member, provide for a process to leave LDEI, as well as other categories of membership for those unable to currently meet the requirements of an active member
7. Provide clear definition of our standing committees while providing a means to create and remove ad hoc committees to meet our ongoing needs

All LDEI CO Dames will receive an email with voting instructions to vote online to ratify the new bylaws (same process as our board election in May). Because of the term limit change in the bylaws, the board is proposing that the current board’s term be extended by an additional year to match the new 2-year term limit, and you will also need to vote to approve that on the ballot.

Votes should be cast by August 25th. If you have questions about the bylaws as you review them, contact Michele Morris, 2nd VP, Governance Committee Chair by email or phone at 720-344-8173.