1. A current LDEI CO member identifies a prospective member and sends that prospective member’s information to the Membership Chair.
  2. The Membership Chair sends the prospective member an application and a cover letter inviting them to apply (both can be found on the Member Section of the LDEI CO website).
  3. The current LDEI CO member assists the prospective member as needed to complete the application and the prospective member submits that to the Membership Chair to nominate a perspective member.
  4. The nomination will be reviewed by the membership committee who then sends a recommendation to the Board.
  5. The Board votes on the prospective member.
  6. The Membership Chair sends a letter inviting or declining the application for membership.
  7. The prospective member accepts or rejects membership and pays dues by the date indicated in the acceptance letter.
  8. New members are formally presented at a New Member chapter meeting.

2017 Timeline for the LDEI Colorado New Member Procedure

June 15th – Email to LDEI CO Dames inviting them to suggest prospective new members

June 30th – Email from Membership Chair to prospective new members inviting them to apply

July 21st – All applications due

July 21st – July 28th – Membership committee reviews applications and makes recommendation to board

July 28th to July 31st – Board vote

August 1st – New members notified of acceptance, have until August 15th to accept offer to join the chapter and pay dues

September 1st – Dues must be paid to national