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Upcoming Classes at Longmont YMCA

ldei green tables 7-2014 2From August 5th to the 7th, Dame Kimberly Lord Stewart and other chapter volunteers from Colorado LDEI, will teach at the Longmont YMCA educational farm, using produce from on site that the summer camp children helped plant, weed and harvest. The culinary nutrition classes are part of a larger commitment from the Longmont YMCA to teach youth healthy lifestyle habits and the value of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) in school and their daily lives. If any LDEI Colorado members are available to assist with the classes, please contact Kim via email.

Longmont YMCA Summer Camp Culinary-Nutrition Classes

ldei green tables 7-2014 1On July 14th and 16th, the Longmont YMCA summer camp kids at Twin Peaks Charter Academy learned healthy cooking skills from Dame Kimberly Lord Stewart. Stewart is the chair of the Colorado chapter of LDEI Green Tables.

During the first lesson, the students learned about the importance of eating your colors. They created edible story telling with food characters like Poly Phenol, Auntie Oxidant and Beta Carotene. Their palette of ingredients included celery, carrots, red cabbage, yellow and red tomatoes, as well as yellow squash and chocolate from the Longmont YMCA educational farm. Continue reading →