Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.31.25 PMAmanda Archibald’s new company, NCG Health Solutions, co-founded with Roberta Kline, MD and Joe Veltmann, PhD, has received approval from the University of Virginia School of Medicine for Continuing Medical Education Credits. The newly accredited course, Advanced Certification in Genomics teaches physicians, dietitians and healthcare providers how to use genomic information to improve the lives of Americans. Importantly, accreditation of this course by the University of Virginia represents an acknowledgement of the role of food in medicine. Amanda’s role in the course is Culinary Genomics, an emerging field in which culinary translation is applied to genomic information. This emerging field, pioneered by Archibald, enables patients to translate their personal genomic blueprint to the plate. Literally, matching foods containing targeted nutrients and phytonutrients to the unique needs of their DNA. For more information visit