Angelica_VasquezAngelica Vasquez is a busy mom of three girls and has always loved to cook, a skill she also wants her children to learn. “I think it’s good to know how to cook, but it’s just as important to learn how to cook food that is nutritious,” said Angelica. “My mom died at 58 from cancer so I want my children to know about good nutrition.”

Angelica is one of several students at Community College of Denver (CCD) who has enrolled in a pilot Human Nutrition class, HWE100. This section is unique because students take what they learn about the science of nutrition and put it into practice in a hands-on skills lab.OSage-NutritionAs part of this course, students participate in two nutrition skills labs during the semester where they spend several hours at the Osage Cafe with Colorado Dame and Chef Shellie Kark, learning how to transform a recipe into a tasty, healthy meal. “Anyone can duplicate a recipe,” said Kark. “The goal of this program is to instill students with a skill and hopefully inspire them to want to teach it and share it with someone else.”

The pilot, which rolled out last spring, helps bridge the gap between having vegetables in the fridge and knowing how to prepare them so they taste flavorful. Now the college is preparing to take the pilot across all of CCD’s nutrition classes. You can read the full story here.