1452203616897Colorado Dame Amanda Archibald, RD is partnering with Dame & Chef Elena Clement (LDEI DC chapter) and Roberta Kline, MD (Santa Fe) to produce: Culinary Wellness: The Menu as A Change Agent, Boulder, CO – June 22-24. This visionary event, designed specifically for chefs will enable chefs to understand the exciting worlds of Food As Medicine and Nutrigenomics. Chefs are uniquely positioned to develop recipes and menus with target ingredients that have a profound impact on health at a genetic level. In this experiential workshop, chefs will be exposed to cutting edge nutrition science and genomic medicine. With science as a backdrop, chefs will participate in three culinary labs using strategic ingredients to produce cutting edge recipes and menu concepts. This workshop is design to take wellness via the menu to the new frontier in health and medicine. Visit Amanda’s website for complete details.