An Outing with Food Editor Kimberly Stewart

kimberly stewart dining outAs the food editor for Denver Life magazine, Dame Kimberly Stewart eats at a lot of restaurants*. While she readily admits it’s great fun, she also likes home cooking just as much. And that’s why she was so excited to discover Arash Market on S. Parker Road when working on a piece for an upcoming story (you can read the full piece in the February issue). Here is Kimberly’s story about her find:

“If your travel bug is as hard to keep under wraps as mine, this store is almost as good as a plane ticket. It is branded as a Persian Market, which is true, but it’s so much more. The manager, Salma Jakine, says Arash is becoming a destination shop for people from all over the world. She was right. arash market bread and cheeseThe store was a bustle of people from Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, India and Asia, each buying their own food memories from home. Within minutes I filled my own cart with all kinds of goodies that are hard to find or usually exceed my budget. I’ve wanted to make a spicy lemon and chicken tagine but couldn’t swallow the crazy cost of preserved lemons at gourmet stores. At Arash, a jar of preserved lemons is less than $2.

The meat case at Arash is brimming with chicken with a deep yellow skin (I haven’t seen chicken like this since living in Europe), as well as freshly cut and ground goat and lamb, as well as seasoned ground koofteh.

arash market nougatI took a double take when I saw the price of olives and slabs of feta cheese sold by the pound – both were at least half of what I pay elsewhere. Flatbreads like sourdough Ethiopian injera, pita and za’atar with herbs and sesame ((pictured) were stacked up like something you’d find at a street market. I couldn’t resist the Turkish nougat swirls with swirls of dried apricot and pistachios. Bring a cooler with you if you are a fan of Golo Bol Bol ice cream – a gelato-like Persian ice cream scented with saffron, cardamom and pistachios.

The prices on everything from produce to kefir are so amazing, you’ll want to stock up. Parking can be a little tight but the store has a parking attendant to keep traffic moving and even help you back out safely. The staff was very helpful and the store exuded Persian hospitality.”

Arash Market
2720 S. Parker Road
(no website)

*Photo of Kimberly and Rick at Indulge, by Chad Chisolm, Custom Creations Photography


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  1. Jane Bauer

    I’m a regular at Arash market. They have the freshest…and best prices on olives. We buy most of our meat at the market. If you celebrating Chinese New Year, the year of the goat, you can get many cuts of goat meat there.