IMG_0910Dame Shellie Kark has been working with the Colorado Health Foundation and LiveWell Colorado for over 5 years, training the very important and valuable school food service workers (aka lunch ladies and gentlemen) in districts throughout the state of Colorado the skills and techniques of cooking from scratch and providing real food to their kids. These educators – and they truly are educators as they teach children about food, eating and making healthy choices – work under amazing constraints and detailed regulations and yet, they produce food for this country’s children day in and day out.

School lunch salad barKark says she is thrilled to be able to support these amazing contributors by helping them with cooking skills, giving them management and organizational tools and working with them, side by side, in their kitchens with their staff to help them launch beautiful salad bars and a healthier, from scratch lunch program. You can find more information about this program on the LiveWell website.