ldei green tables 7-2014 1On July 14th and 16th, the Longmont YMCA summer camp kids at Twin Peaks Charter Academy learned healthy cooking skills from Dame Kimberly Lord Stewart. Stewart is the chair of the Colorado chapter of LDEI Green Tables.

During the first lesson, the students learned about the importance of eating your colors. They created edible story telling with food characters like Poly Phenol, Auntie Oxidant and Beta Carotene. Their palette of ingredients included celery, carrots, red cabbage, yellow and red tomatoes, as well as yellow squash and chocolate from the Longmont YMCA educational farm.

The students wrote stories of their colorful creations. Stewart, a food writer and author, was impressed by the student’s imagination and creativity. “Most of all, they ate all their vegetables and asked for more,” she said.

ldei green tables 7-2014 3In the second class, the students learned how many grams of fiber they should eat per day. Do you know? For children, it’s their age plus 5. The students added up the fiber grams in the recipe, 27.3g per full serving.

The recipe included cantaloupe, raw corn, brown rice, fresh basil and melon-rice vinegar dressing. Dame Stewart also taught the students about Auguste Escoffier and his chef’s jacket, as well as French culinary skills and terms like mise en place and julienne.

ldei green tables 7-2014Brown Rice, Corn & Cantaloupe Salad for One

1 tablespoon rice vinegar dressing, recipe follows
3 tablespoons cooked brown rice
3 tablespoons finely diced cantaloupe
2 tablespoons raw corn – cut off the cob
3 basil leaves torn
1 leaf lettuce, cut julienned into thin ribbons*

Place dressing in the bottom of a single serving cup. Add brown rice, diced cantaloupe, corn, basil, and lettuce. Cover the glass with foil. Hold your hand over the top and gently shake the cup to mix in the dressing.

* Roll the lettuce leaf tightly with the center stem across the cutting board. Finely slice across the lettuce roll to make fine ribbons of lettuce.

Rice Vinegar Dressing
Makes 2-3 servings

1 tablespoon rice vinegar
3 tablespoons canola oil
1/8 cup cantaloupe
Pinch of sugar

Puree in a blender until smooth.